Tuesday, July 25, 2017

When You Need A Break In Life

When You Need A Break In Life | Alina Ermilova
Ok guys, this would probably be a really long post. I've been meaning to write it for the last 2 weeks, but somehow postponed it every single time. You know how it goes: when something is a bit tough to write and takes a lot of time and thought, you just keep telling yourself that you'll do it next time.

Well, all that aside, I wanna talk today about a need for a solid break for all of us. The thing is that we're all constantly busy with work, school, random chores, family, social life. And also, you constantly see all those people on social media who are working 24/7, doing awesome things, having such a "busy" and exciting life. Personally for me, at some point it started to really get me down. I felt like a failure when I wasn't working every minute of my life and was having "too many" free hours. I literally felt like I'm wasting my life and I should, in fact, be doing something all the time! When I'd see people on social media or friends saying how tired the are and how hard they're working, I immediately felt that guilt if I didn't thing I worked hard enough. And I never really felt like I did. 

Now, I do get motivated to work hard and pursue my dreams by looking at the same people on the Internet. And exactly that has given me hope for a better future for myself and made me believe that I can do a lot and create my dream life if I work hard enough. I'm not saying that's bad to look at successful people or be motivated by your friends' accomplishments, but at some point I just felt like that brought me more anxiety and negative feelings, than it did anything good. I needed a break.

I needed to tell myself that it's ok not to work for some time and chill all day some days. I had to convince myself that my life wouldn't end if I "waste" a day or two by just relaxing at home or doing nothing extra exciting. Surprisingly, what helped me is me getting sick. I spent about 2 weeks at home, and for the first time in a really long time I didn't have that constant urge to do something, to work, study, go out and be in different places. I just sat at home, watched a bunch of movies (probably more that I've watched in a previous half a year) and read books all day long. I know, that doesn't sound exciting, but damn, that felt good! In that exact moment I've realized that this was exactly what I needed at that point in my life.

I'm not gonna lie, I still got those urges to start working on something and do productive things (anything really), but I suppressed them, and eventually - I was able to let go the situation!

I don't know if you'll be able to get something out of this post, but I hope you will. If anything, we just have to allow ourselves to be lazy and enjoy the little things. And we have to ask more often "Is it really important? Do I really have to do it now or the world will end?".

I'm just gonna leave you with that, and hopefully, if you feel the same way as I do, you'll also be able to find your piece.

{Photos by Anastasia}

Thanks for reading! 

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