Wednesday, August 2, 2017

INSTAGRAM LOVE: belenhostalet

Following my posts about people who inspire me, I thought I'd also start sharing with you some of my favorite instagrams. I follow so many inspirational accounts with beautiful photography, and instagram is for sure the social media platform I spend the most of my time on, so it'd only be logical that I write about some of my favorites.

The first account I wanna share with you today is @belenhostalet. I've discovered Belen not that long ago, but it was love at first sight! I absolutely love the color scheme of the whole feed, the natural look and beautiful compositions. Also, you will definitely want to go on vacation after scrolling through her instagram!

I'm gonna add more of my favorites later, so stay tuned. And if you have a favorite account on instagrm right now - please, do share!

And you can always find me on instagram @alinaermilova 😉

Thanks for reading! 

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