Saturday, January 6, 2018

Well Suited

I've never thought I'd ever say that, but I actually enjoy this winter and would love to have for a bit more time. I'm not partucularly a fan of the cold, but I love seeing everything white with lots of snow everywhere, and it all looks especially magical when the snow is falling. We had a few of those days and I definitely got overly excited!

Obviously, I'm trying to stay warm on those days with my biggest coat, but regarding today's outfit, I just wanted to show you one of my favorite looks recently. It may look like a suit, but I actually paired my new checked pants (also seen here) with a matching blazer.

Would love to hear your thought on this look!

Also, you can always find my daily outfits on instagram😉

Chelsea Boots | Fashion Blogger
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Alina Ermilova | Blog
{Photos by Anastasia}

  BLAZER: Romwe | PANTS: Stradivarius | BOOTS: Deichmann | BAG: Pola

Thanks for reading! 

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