Sunday, April 8, 2018

9 Apps For Beautiful Instagram Stories

Apps to use for instagram stories
Over the last year Instagram Stories have quickly become my favorite thing in the app. Don't get me wrong, I love sharing beautiful images in my main feed, but there's just something more personal about Stories feature that makes you really tune in and get to know the person. I love sharing my day-to-day snaps, but I love to do it in a creative way. I actually became kind of obsessed with trying out different apps with collages, fonts and cool effects, and today I wanna share some of my favorite ones with you.

Also, I'd highly suggest to try out customized designs for your Stories as a brand, because they create a next-level experience and truly make your content stand out.

Anyway, here are the best apps for customizing Instagram Stories:

Unfold is my absolute favorite and it's actually designed specifically for Instagram Stories. The app has 25 templates (even more on the premium version) for creating collages with photo and video content. Minimalistic and super easy to use - you'll definitely love this app is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Plus, double points for how easy it is to use.

Instagram Stories Apps | Unfold

I use InShot for videos literally all the time. It allows you to change the size of your video clip, place it in a collage or add a customized background. It also does the same for any photos. I'd say it's a perfect iMovie alternative for the Stories format. And it's a life-saver when you have a horizontal video clip that just doesn't fit in your phone screen.

Instagram Stories Apps | InShot

Snow literally blew my mind the moment I found it. This is the app everyone keeps asking about every time I make a collage with any of my photos. Basically, the app has the coolest filters that you wouldn't even think of, from analog effects to glitter brushes and little stickers. Plus, it has Snapchat-like feature where you can take selfies with a "mask".
Instagram Stories Apps | Snow

And last but not least, the first app I've started using for Instagram Stories. Adobe Sketch has blank white canvas that you can use to create pretty much anything you want. I like to make collages with my pictures and add brush strokes (as shown above) for a cool artistic effect.


- Adobe Spark (for fonts, collages and animated photos)
- HUJI (for the vintage effect in photos)
- Over (for collages and fonts)
- 8mm Vintage Camera (for the vintage effects in videos)
- Hyperlapse (for timelapse videos)
Hope you found this post helpful! Do you guys use any apps for Instagram stories? And if there are any other apps you think I should try, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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