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St. Petersburg Guide: Food

St. Petersburg Guide: Food
As you may know, I just got back from my trip to St. Petersburg, and since you've all asked me to share some of my favorite spots there, today I'm doing just that!

Also, if you have any recommendations of your own, I'd be happy to hear them!
St. Petersburg | Opetit

My absolute favorite cafe in St. Petersburg is Opetit. I'm in love with their French atmosphere and beautiful interiors (as well as the food!). If you need a place for breakfast or a coffee break - that's the one!

The prices are also amazing (especially considering the entourage of the place). The only downside is the location, since you'll have to spend some time to get there from the center of the city. 
St. Petersburg | Doris Day Coffee
Doris Day Coffee

This place immediately got my attention, since I first saw it on instagram. I mean, look at their decor!

We went there for a midday coffee and didn't get disappointed. My advise would be to either order yogurt with granola or one of their desserts. And, of course, coffee!

The location is close to the center of the city, but in a quite place, which is a double plus.
Мечтатели | Dreamers

This place has been my favorite since my very first trip to St. Petersburg! Hands down, the best "syrniki" I've tasted in my whole life! They serve them with salted caramel and sour creme.

The whole atmosphere is also really nice and I think the name kinda speaks for itself.
Seize The Impress

Another place that took us some time to find, but it was worth it. Talking about "syrniki", that's the place where they have a whole array of them. And btw, they're all named after Sex and the city characters, how cool! I picked "Ross" and ended up quite satisfied.

P.S. I'm obsessed with their plates! Can somebody buy get them for me?

This way our first pin on the map, since I saved this little oasis of a restaurant way before our trip. I don't even think my shots give it proper justice, because the place is just incredible!

We went there for breakfast, but I know that they also have a bunch of dishes for lunch and dinner. And we didn't get to see the terrace, but they also have it.

And the location is at the very center of the city.

Буше | Bushe

This bakery is probably what St. Petersburg is most known for. Go there for the baked stuff and pastries! There are a few of their cafes in the city, but the best one is right near Kazan Cathedral.
Кофе на кухне

If you can imaging a cute little house with homemade breakfast dishes and cocoa - that's what this place is. Really good prices and truly delicious food. I've ordered homemade oatmeal and hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Also, there's a window overlooking the canals.
Мама Рома | Mama Roma

My favorite restaurant with Italian pizza and pasta! I'd seriously eat their pasta every day for the rest of my life if I could.

And the prices are amazing 6$ for the whole pizza.

Somebody bring this place to Moscow!

Бекицер | Bekitzer

This was a recommendation of my friend. Cool little spot with Greek cuisine. I've gotten to try only one thing and it was delicious.

Although, there was a lot of people, since we chose to go there in the evening, but overall I loved it there.

Would love to go back to try more things.

And last but not least, my go-to place for lunch/dinner. They have different stations with pasts, salads, desserts, etc. So far, everything that I've tried was really good.

You can also check out another food guide that I did last year, since there are more place, that I haven't listed here.

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