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What Does It Take To Write 1 Blog Post?

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Today's blog post is something I've been wanting to write about for a really long time. You know how you can just scroll through endless amount of posts from different bloggers and you think to yourself "Oh, that's so easy, she must have taken a few shots on the weekend and just wrote a couple of sentences to go with it in like 15 minutes. Done." 

So, let me break it to you, that couldn't be farther from the truth! After doing this blogging thing for 4 years, I can tell you that it takes hours and hours to come up with one proper blog post, without even taking into consideration the shooting process.

So, what really goes into write that 1 blog post? A lot.

Let me break it down for you:

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1. First you start with the idea (or at least I do). Whether I need something specific to be shot (let's say a campaign) or I have an idea of my own that I'm eager to implement.

I usually write down all of my ideas in a notebook (or on my notes app) and then when I'm planning blog content, they are there for me to choose.

2. Talking about planning. If you've been blogging for a while and you take it quite seriously, you probably have somewhat of an editorial calendar where you plan your upcoming content. That's important, because otherwise you risk to end up with weeks of no content and then drop 3 posts in one week. Consistency is key, and that's why planning is essential.

3. Shooting. When the idea is there and you know what you want your post to look like, it's time to shoot the photographs. My blog relies heavily on imagery, and that's why it's always something I start with. It's worth mentioning that it takes some research to find the right location to match the outfit and come up with original idea to shoot detailed flatlays at home. 

And since we're being real here, let's also talk about struggles. The temperature here in Moscow drops to -10 (-15) degrees in the winter time. Imagine shooting in this kind of weather... Brutal. I'm not even gonna start on changing in public bathrooms between shoots and carrying around a bag full of clothes. 

4. Editing. When that is done, I usually go through all of the shots and pick out around 15-20 that I like the most. Now it's time to edit. Every photograph has to match the aesthetic of the blog and I also always keep in mind that one of them will make to instagram. Ad that's also important, because my instagram has a theme of its own. In the end I choose from 10 to 12 photographs for a blog post.

5. Text. I gotta admit, I have love-hate relationship with writing. I'm much more visual than anything else, which means that wring doesn't come naturally to me. Usually, to get me going, I have to find something I'm really passionate about in the moment. This way the words come easily.

It also takes a special atmosphere to get me in the mood. I need to put away my phone (preferably also put it on airplane mode), open the post, concentrate and just write. No distractions.

6. The boring stuff. Then goes the stuff you might never even think about, unless you're a fellow blogger. I'm talking about tags, photography titles, the name of the post, referrals, outfit deets, etc.

Btw, if you're a fashion blogger, it takes you anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes to find similar items on the Internet for your readers.

7. When it's time to hit Publish. Once the post is live, the work only really starts. You spread it across all of your social media channels, maybe put it in thematic groups, talk about it in your Stories, and of course, Instagram.

8. And the final step for me, that's quite crucial, is Instagram. I out quite great effort in every post there and the one from my blog is no exception. You have to choose the right shot, come up with a caption, put all the tags and hashtags and then make sure to check all the comments in the first hour.

So, that's what it takes to write one blog post.

If you're a blogger, I would love to know about your process of creation! Is there any specific routine you have?

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{Photos by Yuliana}

DRESS: Imperial | BAG: Armani | SHOES: Pull&Bear | SUNGLASSES: Sunglass.LA

Thanks for reading! 

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