Monday, July 30, 2018

My Favorite Places to Eat in Moscow

Moscow Food Guide
Since so many of you had been asking me about great places to eat in Moscow, I thought it's about time I share them with you in a blog post. These are my current favorites that I absolutely love, so I hope you find this post helpful!

Bloom n Brew | Moscow Coffee


This place has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. First of all, it's the whole atmosphere and the black & white theme, which you know I'm a fan of. Minimalistic interiors that make you wanna spend there a good couple of hours to work on something or maybe just hang out with a friend.

As for the food and coffee, they have pretty much everything I love: good coffee (anything from classic latte and cappuccino to alternative options), fresh croissants and pastries, and my favorite granola). And I love the fact that they have free lemon water in huge jars for any guests.

Glenuill | Moscow Food Guide

My second favorite is the place I've discovered only about 2 months ago. It was actually the spot I've chosen for my birthday breakfast and didn't get disappointed. Again, since I'm a visual person, this spot checks all the boxes with it's stunning interior.

And the breakfast food was amazing. I ended up ordering granola (no surprise here!), which was really good, but my friends got an omelet and hot sandwich with cheese, salad and eggs and both options were to die for!

They have fixed prices on breakfast options throughout the week which is something I always appreciate in a restaurant

42Coffee | Moscow

Turning back to coffee, my go-to place at the moment for a "coffee to go" is 42coffee. They literally have endless options beyond your regular cappuccino. Expect to find there matcha latte, many variations of iced coffee and all kinds of alternative milk (perfect for all the vegans out there).

They also have many healthy food options that you can just grab and go, but I'm yet to try to try all of that.

Tilda Food & Bar | Moscow Guide

My other recent discovery, and I've already been here 3 times! Their breakfast options are everything you can dream of and even more. French toast and "syrniki" are must-try!

As far as I know their main breakfast dishes are served on weekends, and they offer a free glass of champagne as a compliment (is it a dream?).

And the place itself looks really nice (as you can see in the pictures).

My only advise would be to maybe book a table in advance on weekends since the place is getting more and more popular.

Surf Coffee | Moscow
This has been my go-to place for coffee for the last 2-3 years, and I still love it as much to this day. They now have multiple spots across the city which is really convenient and I love that they have their signature style in each of them.

I'd call this place a small oasis in the middle of the city.

The best thing is that Surf has about 20 different flavors to add to your coffee and you can mix them as well, so it's gonna take you a long time to try all of them.
Filial Moscow | Food Guide

And last but not least, the discovery of this year - Filial. Again, originally I went there for breakfast food, but I know that they have many lunch/dinner options as well. They have the one of the best "syrninki" I've tried in my life, and they're about 3$ for a portion!

Also, check out the marble tables, I'm a fan!

Let me know if there're any other places I need to add to this list!

Thanks for reading! 

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